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Essae: Pharma Seminar & Sikkim Customer Meet

November 8, 2016


Essae-Teraoka Private Limited in collaboration with Tanish Enterprises organised a Pharma Seminar in Sikkim on 20th September 2016. Currently, Sikkim is seeing a very high investment from Pharmaceutical manufacturers. The company organised a customer meet and interaction. The event witnessed some of the latest products and launch of the pharma products such as new weighing indicators, balances, GPS clocks and kiosks. The products were presented and demonstrated at the event. The event was a success with more than 125 customers from different walks of life such as Plant heads, QC heads and users participating actively.

At the event, Mr. Prabhu Chandran spoke about Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s initiative ‘Make in India’. He said that today, ‘rather than competing with other Indian companies, we are competing with Germans, Europeans and Japanese’. To design in India and Make in India, the country is investing heavily. The objective of the country is to become fully self-sufficient in technology because only that will give us long-term benefits.

The main objective of the event/meet was to introduce new solutions from Essae that are specially designed and manufactured for pharmaceutical companies. Today, Essae has come out with new products such as laboratory scales, dispensing scales, analytical balances and self-service kiosks. The event also talked about how the products manufactured by Essae comply with certain industry standards such as ISO, CFR and other compliances. Essae products are manufactured to cater to the growing demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

The main intention of Essae is to focus and invest in strengthening its technology and products to widen their presence in this important and fast-growing segment.

More Pictures from the event. 


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